We know how important this is.

When your line of work is producing keepsakes that honor personal milestones, you don’t take that responsibility lightly. We realize that everyone who receives a commemorative coin will be filled with pride when they first touch it and will probably hang onto it for the rest of their life.

So we put the same care into producing Wendell’s Mint coins as the recipients put into earning them. We know how important this is.

And we’re pretty good at what we do. We’ve been custom-making items that stand the test of time since well before the turn of the century.

No, the other century. Since 1882.

Over the years, we’ve continued to modernize our technology and expand our product lines, but two things have never changed:

Our products have always been made in the USA (in fact, they’ve always been made in Minnesota), and they’ve always been made by people who treat every coin as if it will be awarded to one of their family members.

That’s just the way we do things. You’re coming to us because you want something unique, memorable and, well, perfect. You want that coin to trigger a satisfied smile, and maybe even some tears. There’s nothing corny about that.

No two coins we design are ever alike.

We start by learning your history and traditions, and what you want your coin to represent. We then take your logo, inspirational phrase or special image – or all of them – blend them into an attractively-designed, one-of-a-kind memory, and deliver the coins to you on time and on budget. (By the way, our design work for you is always free.)

Of course, Wendell’s Mint isn’t only about inspiration and achievement. Sometimes you’re just looking for a little fun, and what’s not fun about our Mardi Gras doubloons?

We also realize that while most of our coins start out as serious mementoes, it’s not long before they’re slammed on tables, dropped on floors and otherwise abused in the name of tradition and camaraderie! That’s why our coins are also very durable.

The Wendells Difference

We don’t charge for artwork and design.

Thanks for taking a look at Wendell’s Mint.

We’re ready when you are.