Design your coin

You’ve decided you want a challenge coin, so now what? You’ve never done this before. That’s OK, we have. It takes just four easy steps, so let’s create a great coin today.


Tell Us Your Idea

If you’re like many of our clients, you’re not a graphic designer. You probably can barely draw a stick figure. And somehow you just got handed the project to get a coin designed and minted.

That’s where Wendell’s Mint is different. We’ll guide you through the entire process of designing your coin. There’s a good reason you’re creating your coin and we want to know the whole story. Let’s really personalize this thing.

We will meet you exactly where you are. We can start the process with a clean sheet of paper, one of our graphic design artists and a conversation. We can start with your hand drawn sketch, complete with stick people, bad art and spelling errors. Or we can take your vector art files and import your developed concept directly into our system.

When you’re ready, give us a call at 1-800-WENDELLS or email us.

  • What’s the history?
  • What do you want the coin to reflect?
  • Is there a motto you want to highlight?
  • Is there an image you want to incorporate?
  • How about a certain date?


Select Coin Specs

We’ll review with you the many options available, including diameter, shape, thickness, material (for example, bronze, bright nickel, NiCodium™ or others) and so on. Depending on how your coin will be used, there may be some options that fit you better than others. We’ll also go over quantities and costs.

Yeah, in this stage there are a lot of decisions to be made. That’s why we’re here to provide a lot of guidance.


Development, Refinement & Approval

Once you’ve told us your idea and we’ve developed a basic coin concept, our team gets to work on the art. This process continues to be directed by you; we just make everything look good. The only limit is your imagination because there’s no longer any need to keep it simple. Incorporate a perfectly reproduced photo using our proprietary Borderless Painting™ technology, sequentially number your coins or create your own custom edge mark—the possibilities are endless.

Once the art is ready for your review, we will create a rendering of your coin. Unlike other coin companies that provide a simple image of your product, we provide an interactive proof that will illustrate exactly which details of the design will be raised in metal and exactly which features will be painted. See samples of this cutting edge, proprietary technology.

And relax, if we need to fine tune the drawings a few times, we’re happy to do it. And we’ll do it for no additional cost. We want you to be 100% happy with your final product.


Production & Delivery

Once you’ve approved the design, materials and quantity, there’s one more important step—getting the coins into your hands! Because we engrave all of our coining dies in-house using CNC technology, the product we make is an exact match to the artwork you approve. In other words, the same CAD file that created your artwork is used to engrave your coining dies. Unlike other companies that design your coin in-house and then outsource the coin production, your artwork never leaves our building. Bottom line: your artwork stays secure and your coin looks exactly as expected.

It generally takes five weeks to produce your coins in our Minnesota facilities, but we know there may be extenuating circumstances when you need them sooner. That’s OK, we’re flexible and we can hit your date. We’ll work with you to figure it out—and then we’ll deliver your coins wherever you wish.

The Wendells Difference

We don’t charge for artwork and design.

Let’s create a great coin today.

Our team is standing by to help.